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Indeed, it is right to say the year 2019 has been kicked off in a very fun and amazing way, with lots of hilarious jokes,online gigs and lots more. Presently setting the internet and social media on fire has been the #10yearschallenge! There’s been so many updates,tweets, funny uploads and much more on the several social media platforms. Lots of celebrities are also involved and posted their throwbacks / current looks in this #10yearschallenge trend.


the #10yearschallenge involves uploads and comparison of photos from 10years back with the latest pictures of the individual. It’s not just happening in Nigeria, but the world as a whole. Of course do expect lots of funny and comic pictures, quotes, savage response and its likes.

Giving you a glimpse of what’s up, we gladly present you several uploads both from celebrities, funny and savage replies from the #10yearschallenge do enjoy and have a fun filled evening

Fine boy Alex Ekubo… @alexxekubo


Cubana Chief-priest… Lmao this is so hilarious hehehe


Oh My What! Laughing my ass off. Lol and here is the #OBO davido.


All hands in the air for #FALZ the Badt Guy #SWEETBOYSASSOCIATION. isn’t he cute?


Aki and Pawpaw

Alright let’s hit you guys with some funny posts from the social media latest trends #10yearschallenge!!!

Heheehehe… #Gunners what’s up


Yo! It’s Linda Ikeji








Like seriously… lol




Hahahahahahaha. EPIC!




This got me choking. Hahahahahahahahahahaha


The response tho…



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