I had just returned from grinding pepper in preparation for dinner when the call came in. Little did I know that I was going to be spending the next two hours of my life talking to someone about the things I didn’t plan on talking about.


Life really does comes at us fast.


It ended up being a 2 hours phone conversation- a very productive one at that.


My major takeout turned out to be a life lesson that I will do well to pass onto my children, after I pass onto you first.


While sharing my big and scary ideas with him, I mentioned how this will run into millions of dollars which I obviously don’t have now.


He said to me, “Tomisin, there’s something my mother tells me all the time. She says, “ Azukaego”- which is an Igbo word meaning – People behind you is better than money.

Tomisin, all you need is people. All you really need, believe me”


People first…..


As we spoke further about this, he made me realize how not so great I’ve been approaching life.

See, I’ve got big dreams. Dreams that sometimes scare me. When I think of these dreams, I say to myself, “The major thing holding me back from achieving these things is MONEY”. If I have money I’d be 50% onward with achieving them.


But now I know I was wrong.


I don’t need money. I need the right people. The right people who eventually help me get the money.


He went on to explain to me how someone he hasn’t physically met financed his recent project until execution and stood by him all through the while.


Then it struck me-


All we really need is people.

Not money….people.



But then why?


Why do we chase money like it’s not people who give it?

Why do we write our resumes like it’s a robot not an actual person that will read it.

Why do we make ourselves loose touch with our humanity in the struggle for a better life?

Why do we forget that after all said and done, we are all we’ve got?


Listen to me,

Just one person, can save you from a 10 year career rat race.

Just one meeting can change your life

Just one recommendation can bring you everything you’ve ever dreamed of.



Let’s invest more in our people bank.

Let’s communicate more.

Let’s love more.

Let’s be more intentional about building and sustaining relationships.

Let’s normalize embracing relationships.


Because after all, the truth remains-

You need people, you can’t do life all by yourself.



I’m happy about many things in my life right now, even more happy that Davies shared this with me.



I hope you learn from this, my dear reader.


Love forever,


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”Yup! You guessed right, I’m back to posting articles on here. The world won’t change itself innit?”


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Ayanyemi Temitope · September 16, 2020 at 2:42 PM

I’ll never get used to this new knowledge, it’s so profound. Thanks a lot, Tomisin.

    tomi · September 18, 2020 at 12:08 PM

    You’re very much welcome

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