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What runs through your mind when you are alone, in the dark?
Sometimes it’s a recap of the days event,
or you could be mentally preparing for the next day, sometimes it’s the best medium for the rush of pain to overwhelm you,
for some of us it’s the time we cry,
while sometimes prayer comes on,
Could be regretful memories or mistakes we desperately want to forget,
Also, great ideas could come up,
Or is it the music that becomes the hero?
Well, sometimes social media is always there to take our mind off things
And some nights, our demons could be there waiting…… for us to fall and more often than not, we do.

It’s too much to handle at times, trust me I know but despite all of this, I want you to take my word and it is that YOU WILL PASS THROUGH THIS, WE WILL OVERCOME . I know it’s not exactly a realistic word of encouragement but just hang it there babe. You know, life is a journey and we’ve got the rocky and smooth part. I’ve come to understand that the “not so good times” is a process every great person has to go through. Don’t be pressured out of your happiness.

Hi guys, today makes it exactly one weeek since I last made a post and I’m really sorry about that. I was trying to sort out some stuff regarding my blog, but as it is now, that’ll have to wait for much longer. Hopefully, not too long. As usual, I try not to post anything that is not directly from the heart and that is because I want to be able to always connect to my readers on a personal level.
If you ever want to reach me privately, send a DM to YEYE_TOMISIN on instagram and I’d be sure to reply. Please I really want this blog to reach lots of people, we never can say, there could be that one person that desperately needs to read all of these, and I can’t do it on my own, I need your help by sharing the link and also dropping comments. I don’t know it all and your comment could be of help to someone. Let’s help each other. Remember, the goal of this blog is GROWTH.
Have a productive and blessed week. Love💜💜

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6 thoughts on “ALONE, IN THE DARK.

  1. I think one shouldn’t allow his/her loneliness to have a complete charge of him/her. Always define your lonely moment especially when it’s full of regrets from the past. Failure to take control of your loneliness can be disasterous.

  2. When you can’t handle the loneliness in the dark, you should try to connect to someone so as not to do some regretful things

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