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Are you ready for that step you’re about to take, that life changing decisions you want to make? Are you ready for that job offer you’re about to accept or that business you want to venture into? Are you ready to be in a relationship? That marriage proposal, do you really want to accept it? When the BIG things arrives or you hit the jackpot, would you be ready?

Often times we want some stuff, we crave for the change. To the extent that we channel our mind to think that all it takes is to achieve these things then our lives will become a hit back to back. We get carried away with these thoughts that we fail to put what we have presently to use. Forgetting that the ability to make do with the little resources available at the moment increases your chances of being able to achieve greater things when big opportunities and greater resources are made available. Let me put this in perspective.

If you have great acting skills try to get involved in church dramas, school theater plays, community programs and all. You never can say where your big hit is going to come from. Put your skills to use instead of just sitting at home waiting for Marvel studios to come give you a lead role in WAKANDA RELOADED produced by Tunde Alabi.
See, no one is disputing the fact that you are a great actor, but do you have experience? How well can you work under pressure? Are you good with people?

Professionalism goes way beyond your skill, talent or education. Experience makes one a professional.
Until that big gig comes, ensure you’re doing something to prepare you for it. Draw a plan on how you want to run the business so when the money comes , it won’t catch you unawares. In the sense that if you receive a million naira alert today, you’d know how to put it to use and years to come you’ll still be earning due to the result of the wise decision you made. The Dangote and Dantata story fits into this perfectly (For some that isn’t aware of the story well Dangote asked his rich uncle Dantata for a startup capital of 500k. He put it to use and now he’s the richest man in Africa).
See, trust me the moment you take 10k out of a million naira that you’ve not drafted a plan on how to use, just forget it, the money has finished… Lol.

Think about that thing you want to do then go ahead to ask yourself this, “Am I ready for this big step?” If your answer is in the affirmative then go for it, don’t be distracted, it might take time but you’d excel in it.
But if your answer is otherwise, don’t feel bad and more importantly, don’t kill the dream. All you’ve gotta do is to try to get yourself ready. Read more about it and also practice if you can, ask questions from people in that line and pray about it. Prepare yourself mentally to be able to handle it, spiritually for strength and financially cause you’d definitely have to settle some costs. Without doubt, set out to achieve your goals.

Aaaand that is it for today guys. Did you like it? Have you learnt from it? Do you have any reservation or opinions you would like to input?
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Gastt · November 26, 2018 at 6:50 AM

Kudos Girl, Keep enriching lives

Oba · November 28, 2018 at 9:32 PM

Just like the saying, “heaven helps those who help themselves” you don’t expect miracles when you haven’t prepared your mind for it! Tomisin, keep it up.

Adeshina Bisola · December 1, 2018 at 11:54 PM

Its so trueee, there are some decisions I need to make ..bett I’m not ready to make them . so in other news ….I’m jot readyy??

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