Christmas blurb

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Hello?Hello? Can you at least pick up my call so we can get this conversation over with.

Good child.

Merry Christmas guys, thanks for staying true to my blog. God bless you. Happy holidays also. Love you.

Christmas wasn’t extra at my end, I just happened to consume something light which may or may not include white rice,dodo,fried rice, jollof, cold Stone,hollandia yoghurt, chivita, christmas chiiiiiken,apple juice, Pepsi, fruit juice which my darling friend spiked with vodka ( I drank it mistakenly guys). So after all of this, I decided to slow it down reason is cause I’m watching my weight after all. Please don’t give me this look.

Enjoy my pictures. By the way this is my baby girl from way back. She rescued my almost dry Christmas.

Yes I didn’t get my hair done. Yes I didn’t do makeup or wear fancy clothes (well, apart from my fancy nails which isn’t even a piece of clothing).

Any problem with that?

Lol. Hard girl, hard girl but this is actually feel about it.

Have fun during this period. Try not to determine your happiness based on what you see on social media. Discover genuine happiness. Nothing quantifies that.

Hey, wait! Don’t go.One more thing.


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