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Meet Jeff Obhakuoso an established Youtuber, rising artiste and a student of Graphic design at Birmingham University, UK. In this interview, he talks about his life as an independent student, his music career and his successful YouTube channel.

Tell us a bit about yourself Jeff.

My name is Jeff Ernest- Junior Obhakuoso. I’m from Edo state, Nigeria. I’m currently schooling at Birmingham University. I’m an independent student trying to school and work during my spare time. I love sport and music. I love listening to music because it helps me create new ideas as I’m an artist myself and sport cause it’s just one of those things I do when I’m bored.

What kind of music do you like?

Basically RnB, Rap and Afro-beat.

At what point did you decide to go into music?

I’ve loved music from afar my whole life. I do say music has always been in me.

How will you describe your style of music?

My music for now is just trying out different genres. To find a balance, I do trap music, hip hop and even Afro-beat.

Do you have any released track?

*laughs* I think your question should be ” how many tracks have you released?”

Wow, that’s beautiful. Are they available for streaming?

Yeah, it’s on Sound Cloud. Though I haven’t really started promoting them in the open world.

And why is that?

Well, the reason is for now, i’m just doing it for the fun of it and also to explore the music world. When I have less time off my school work, I’ll definitely focus more on that. I feel like right now, I can’t really deal with the pressure and school.

What course are you studying at the University?

Oh I’m studying Graphic design.

What prompted that choice?

Honestly, graphic is basically everything. It’s not a specific job. We can produce phone layouts, graphic app designing, billboards, car design, anything you can think of. Plus they are one of the highest paid workers in the UK. Summary of yearly earning is up to 67,000 pounds that should be about 32 million Naira.

Speaking of graphic design and layout, what is your opinion pertaining the Burna boy and Coachella saga?

I think he has every right to be angry. I mean, the entertainment industry should be equal. Doesn’t matter if you’re from Africa, America and what have you, all artists should be treated equally because at the end of the day, it’s all about good music. I think he should be getting the recognition he deserves.

But there’s always a headline artiste, don’t you feel this might be the reason?

Yes, the fact that he wasn’t the headline artiste could be the reason for the font layout.

Moving on, what was the drive to launch your YouTube channel?

I launched it for fun. I just enjoyed getting my work out there for the world to see and also look forward to their feedbacks for improvement purposes.

Your channel, JuicyMagicTV is known for creating chipmunk version of popular songs, what was the inspiration behind this?

Growing up, I loved watching chipmunk cartoons. As a matter of fact, it was my favorite cartoon. That was what inspired me to edit and create chipmunk version of music videos. So it felt really nice to do something i had always loved and also get to earn from it.

What is your highest recorded number of views?

11 million views.

That’s a lot. How did you manage to rake in that much amount of views?

At inception, it was just by sharing to my friends, families and loved ones. But as I started growing, media did the work for me, as various blogs and websites carried my works.
I also got people( my subscribers) sharing it on different social media.

As a Nigerian in the UK, do you feel things might have been different for your brand if you were presently in Nigeria?

Yes. Reason is because here we have easy access to the internet. There are free WiFi networks everywhere, even when you go out. So you can always work on any idea that comes up and get it published. You don’t have to save data.

Do you ever plan to return to Nigeria?


Any advice for those who would like to venture into vlogging?

I say do it for the love and passion you have for it. Not necessarily for the money. When i started, I knew people made money on YouTube but I didn’t care at that moment cause I knew that with my passion and consistency, money will always come.

If you have to choose betweeen money and fame, which will you choose?

I would definitely choose money. I know how it feels to be famous and broke. I say it’s better to have money, then if you want, you can buy popularity.

What social media platforms can people reach out to you through?

Facebook – jefflovero.junior
Instagram- itz_jefflovebaby
Snapchat- jefflove02
YouTube- JuicyMagic TV
SoundCloud- juicymagic-tv

We’ve come to the end of the interview sadly, but before I let you go, I have few questions for you under what I call the FUN FACT SEGMENT. Are you game?

Lol, sure.

Naija jollof or Ghana jollof?

Naija jollof for sure. I believe we have the best Jollof rice.

Football or music?

Music. I know nothing about football.

Fanta or Coke?

I’m a coke fan.

Beard gang or beardless gang?

Beard gang for life.

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