How to set goals and achieve them

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Ever wondered why most times you get this wonderful idea of a project you’d love to get up and running, then few weeks or months down the line you gradually loose interest in it?

Or when you have all of the ideas drafted down and you still can’t seem to actualize it.

It could be that somehow, you feel you aren’t capable of doing something like that. Something that big.

Sometimes it could be as a result of sheer laziness. Such that it becomes a case of “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak“.

What I’m trying to say here is “don’t worry, we’d get it all sorted out” as you read on.

Everyone has that one thing they’d love to do, some might not give it much thought due to various engagements while some feel like a total waste of sperm because they haven’t achieved their goals. Likewise, we have some who are trying and constantly searching for ways to get things done. Regardless of how big or small these goals are, they are still GOALS. The satisfaction derived from achieving them is unquantifiable. I’d advise you go read up on my previous post 2019 GOALS to be set on the right goal achieving mood.

To make this as easy as possible, I’d want you to follow these few steps below.

  • Pick up a pen and a book right about now and write that thing you want to do.
  • If they are more than one, you might want to draw up a table of the goal you are likely to achieve now based on your present capacity and no, I’m not saying you should limit yourself.

Let me put this in perspective…

‘Joshua is a young adult with hopes of becoming one of the best engineers in Nigeria. Right now, he’s just out of the university and currently on the look out for a good paying job. You know, life happens; so, he thinks of a way to get busy and learn while still looking out for a job’. He creates his goal table and among the goals were:

 – Get a laptop.

– Distribute my CV.

– Learn web developing and html programming.

– Start a Tee shirt brand.

– Establish a multi engineering firm.

– Go skydiving.

– Feed a thousand people before I die.

– Go for job interviews.

– Get a job.

– Apply for internships.

– Read a book a month e.t.c


What I’ll have Joshua do to spike up more productivity is to rearrange his goal this way:

– Read up on various successful engineers and also kick start the book to read for the month.

– Apply for internships at the big companies as the experience and knowledge would go a long way and helping him when he finally sets out to establish his own company.

– Get a laptop to further assist him while he takes web development classes.

– Web developers are on high demand at the moment. All things being equal, he’d be able to raise a reasonable amount to fund his Tee shirt brand.

– Begin to distribute his CV as the experience he has had interning under different companies, his web developing and Clothing brand, among other skills would definitely boost his CV and give him more chances of getting the job.

– Attend interviews and eventually, get the job.

– Years down the line, and he sets to establish his company from a grass root level.

– Go skydiving with wife and family.

– Feed thousands of people.

Now, I know that sometimes what we want from life might not be what life wants from us, but are we just going to give up because we’re faced by challenges?

No! You’re going to fall, loose friends, go broke, get disappointed; hey, you might even hate life at some point, but I’m telling you right now that you will rise, you will overcome those challenges and you’ll be happy.


This is not me sweet talking you my dear. Now back to the steps.

  • Talk to your parents, mentor, guardian or friend about it. Rub minds.
  • Search online. Trust me, there are lots of opportunities on the internet.
  • Attend conferences. Meet new people, social networking.
  • Put yourself out there.
  • Self discipline and consistency are things you shouldn’t joke with. Constantly remind yourself of your goals and make sure you achieve it. But never ever beat yourself up if you feel you’re not doing well, all you have to do is try harder.
  • Pray to God. HAVE FAITH.
  • Go read Joshua’s story again.


Now I know sometimes this motivation thing might seem boring but you’ve got to see beyond the surface, understand that person fit just blow anytime.


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