Hey brother, so you’ve been scoping this babe with no idea on how to ask her out. Search no more, Lady Genius is here.
Here are few things you need to do before taking the big step.
1. Imagine if you we’re the girl, will you date someone like you? If your answer is in the affirmative then please shoot your shot. But if your answer is in the reverse, kindly abort mission with immediate effect.
2. Be her knight in shining armor. Note that this is relative as Girl A’s idea of Prince charming might be a guy with green teeth while Girl B might actually love a guy with sparkling teeth (strange right?).
3. Go to the beach, dip your foot into the waves. In other words “test the waters”. (Lmao, I laughed at that).
4. Take a good poo. Ensure you purge yourself off every potential cheating trait in you.
5. Laugh at your own jokes. This is a very crucial one. It’d show her how much of an independent guy you are or it could just portray your obvious madness.
6. Try dating your pillow. It’d prepare you for the journey to come.

Once you’ve done all these, proceed to do the following.
1. Sleep.
2. Eat.
3. Take a bath.
4. Look nice.
5. Approach her.
6. Let your intentions be known to avoid being friendzoned.
7. As a King, majestically stroll into her heart with your intellectual and romantic prowess.

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