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Some days back, I was in the room and it was around 12 midnight, the generator was on. Few minutes after, electricity was restored, I heard the siren. But somehow, I felt it wasn’t ours that sounded so I chose to ignore it. 30 minutes later, I stood up to peep outside the window but it was dark and I just told myself that it was my mind playing tricks on me, electricity hasn’t been restored yet. When it was 1:00am, I decided to go turn off the generator. Lo and behold, there had been light all along. Then it hit me.

Many times, we subdue our inner voice because we don’t trust it. We doubt ourselves. If I had gone to confirm if electricity had been restored as at the moment I heard the siren, then an hour of wasted fuel would’ve been avoided. And that applies to our lives also.

When you find something not working right and you have a way to change it, don’t hesitate.
Speak out and let your voice be heard. I’m telling you today, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Imagine waiting for five years to do something you could have done last year, sad right?

As you begin your week, let these words resonate in your mind. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT.

Have a lovely and productive week.

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