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Time is very precious. Time they say, waits for no man. As diverse as we can be, time is an understanding that this period, I mean right about now, can never be taken again. Time flies, but I’m about to change our perspective on that.

I want you to read and understand these few details:

-Kate was born into a rich family.

– Billy got rich at an early stage of his life.

– It took Jeff 60 years to be wealthy.

– Hernandez was brought up in the slums but is currently working hard to ensure his kids don’t grow up in poverty.

– John is a young teenager currently sitting by his window thinking of what life’s got in store for him.

My point is this, “irrespective of our hard work and efforts, human timing differs.


The fact that you’re not rich today doesn’t mean you’ll die broke. In as much as you keep working towards attaining a better future,then for sure, you’d get it. I’m not talking about this from a religious point of view, but rather a practical one.
These days people say it’s not about working hard anymore, but rather working smart. I can’t dispute that. But bear in mind that you need to be both a hard worker and a smart worker to attain success.

Don’t judge your progress based on your friends success. Give yourself time to grow. Your time is your time and not anyone else’s. If you keep beating yourself up cause you feel you’re a failure, the result would be fatal to your mental health/ stability and trust me, we don’t want that.

I want you to take time out to meditate, re-strategize, open your mind to learning and always be grateful for your TODAY. It is a chance to make tomorrow better. Your past or present doesn’t necessarily determine your future, it is your take or believe in it that does.


This life is a journey and when we go on journeys, we either stop for gas, get caught up in traffic, miss a few turns or change routes. But we don’t just stop because of these, we keep going up until we reach our destination. So why don’t we apply this into our lives. Wouldn’t you want to get to your destination?

Hi dear, don’t let anyone pressure you. Be it friends, family or the society. Understand your time, believe in your process and don’t stop until you get to your destination.

Monday Inspiration- MONSPIRATION will be coming up every Monday on this platform. The purpose is not only to enrich our mindset, but also to kick start our week with a healthy dose of positivity. I’d rather you share this post with your loved ones. Have a productive week lovelies.


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