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Hi guys, how are we all doing? Well, I am cut up between being super excited and just being generally bored. I really didn’t know this kind of mood existed until this minute. Wait……….DRUMROLLS……….Welcome to December lovelies. I pray at the end of this year we’ll testify to last months blessings. I really want to know your expectations for this month so please drop a comment on it.wp_ss_20181130_0002

Wait, is Agbalumo truly out??

So I’m just going to be sharing how I spent my week with you guys today. On Sunday I attended service at THIS GREEN CHURCH. I’ve really missed all the energy I get from there and somehow I just don’t want to leave even after service is concluded. You know that feeling when you find something you’ve always been searching for? Yup that’s how I feel when I’m there, and to think I’ve only worshipped there thrice. God is MIGHTY.

On Monday I didn’t really do much. Being on strike is mentally exhausting to  be honest. I really felt like going on my radio show again, honest reason is because I miss my voice being out there, the positive impacts and all but I couldn’t due to some issues but I promise all my faithful listeners that I’ll be right back as soon as possible. Meanwhile you’ve got to give it to my Producer, Mr. Mayor and my friends who don’t fail to deliver mind blowing content every week.

Tuesday came and I finally did my laundry after procrastinating for days. The electricity in my area was bad so we legit had to depend on the generator which is definitely not gonna run for 24 hours. The heat increased and I thought I’ll eventually melt away. No jokes fam. I also had my dance rehearsals and it was fun. Dancing has always been a part of me and I know one day I’ll come right back at it, skits and all. Well, my very good friend came over to visit me during practice and got lots of candies for me. Lol, i won’t stop saying this. It was really nice, to see that after all these years we’ve still got each other. Trust me when I say that there are still good people out there.

Wednesday, well nothing extra happened just house chores and internet surfing. Also got to catch up with my best friend via our “hour” long talks. Praise I see you there.

Hmmm, so things was going alright on Thursday or so I thought. Had to get some stuff done at school. Came across lots of my friends, old and new. FAM, you can’t step into Unilag without seeing people you know, plus even the ones you’d meet in afterlife. Yes, it’s bad like that. But hey, a girl isn’t complaining ?. So as I was saying, everything was going fine till I fell inside a gutter/hole under construction. Before I could even process what was going on, I was already sinking inside a thick mud. No exaggeration believe me, from my mid thigh down to my bare feet was covered in thick mud. More emphasis on “thick”. Along the line my slippers departed from me, sinking further into the earth’s chocolate mixture. Eventually I got help. My slippers had to be shoveled out. I was just standing there, totally blanked out on the next step to take. But God being God, sent a helper to me. I cleaned up in her house and her kids really helped me in washing up. Didn’t totally eradicate the stain from my Jean trousers but Hey! who am I to complain? That woman left a mark in my heart and I wouldn’t forget her so easily. As I already said above, good people still exist, all we’ve got to do is open our eyes to see them. All in sha, I thank God for no physical injury was sustained and I said physical cos apparently only my ego is slightly injured. Lol.

Friday, I went for my dance rehearsal and it was great as usual. Wolf, Hypo, Chelsea, Campbell, Seun, Wolf, you guys rock.

Saturday brought along December and also my first dance ministration with the SPIRIT OF DAVID GOSPEL DANCE CLUB. I was nervous cause this is not my usual but then I trusted in God and he came through for me, as usual. I really don’t know if I did that “good” but I wouldn’t over think it and just train to deliver better in further performances. I guess  it’s probably because this is MY FIRST official performance as a dancer that’s is why I’m under this “judge thyself” feeling. Well, I may or may not post the video and pictures in further blog posts. But I’d try to as soon as I get them.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Sunday and I can’t wait to give it all back to my Father In Heaven. Tomorrow let’s try something different, let us reach out to that old friend or the friend that you guys hardly talk. Let them know you’ve still got them at heart. You don’t know the impact that simple call may make in their lives. So please guys, let’s do this tomorrow and if you can, give me a feedback on how the whole conversation went. It can be our next posts major topic.


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