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Yes, my blog is still functioning. No, I didn’t for one day forget my lovely readers. I was battling with inconsistency and procrastination which I will most definitely write about soonest. I’m not perfect, I’m a thousand miles far from it. But really, that doesn’t justify my actions so I say a very obese SORRY to you. YEYETOMISINSBLOG is here to continue the journey we both begun.

Soooooo how have you guys been?

Wait wait wait, don’t tell me you attended the party. Yes you did!! Go Child😸😸

Lol, yh i know. Chrismas Carol made so much sense.

Uhn! Please I’m not surprised you haven’t done anything fun of late. Keep on stalking memes dear.

This is the part where i tell you to ignore the fact that I just responded to your thoughts. It may or may not be due to my reclining social life. Emphasis on MAY OR MAY NOT.

So something has been bugging my mind of late and I want to share it with you.

Growing up, we enjoyed nature more. The sand, water, lekeleke give me white fingers,i could go on and on but that will take time. So these things didn’t change the fact that birds don’t live in water but fly in the air. Water is formed from air and air, from water. So that means fishes can fly just as birds can swim. Think about it. You just, just think about it.

If you haven’t realized, yes, I just messed with your head and it felt so good. What? I’m determined to atleast make you smile before you leave this page. Sorry, not sorry darling.

So Christmas snuck upon us. It caught us unawares, scratch that Christmas caught us BROKE!!! I’m out here feeling not so Christmas-sy. I’m not the only one right?

Speaking of Christmas, just want to let you know I accept gifts. Doesn’t have to be material, you could know someone who will be of great help to my career, or have a gig for me.The girl is a writer, dancer and Media personality in training. Lol, just needed to out that.

FAM, at any opportunity you get, ensure to SELL YOUR MARKET. Let people identify you with your craft. Don’t hesitate to speak of yourself. Let the world know you.

Understand that knowledge is power and don’t rely on what you know alone. Always be keen to learn new things. Fear will come, try not to entertain it. Remember this always. Whatever you do, wherever you go, however you find yourself, always KEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVE. In difficult times, your dreams and hope is what would keep you going. It will be your DRIVE.

yeye has spoken.

You see that comment box right there? Yh that one. Drop something in it. Also like, subscribe and share this post. Why? Cause I’m begging you too. Have a lovely and cozy Christmas week. Love love💜💜

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