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Upon entry into a tertiary institution, students often get baffled with the option of whether to get a hostel on campus or off campus. Today, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of getting accommodation on or off campus in the comment section.
I’d like for you to give your opinion about the questions below:
• which is better?
• which is more affordable?
• the academical influence it has on students.
• social effects it has on students.

Remember, don’t concede your opinion, it may be of help to someone out there.

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  1. I’d vote off campus accommodation For so many reasons mostly in Nigeria, the said campus hostels ate mostly nothing to write home about. Being off campus is just like living a bachelor’s life too n more peaceful… The list goes on

  2. Off campus is better but on campus is more affordable due to the number of people staying together.. But similarly…its has its disadvantages as people who live off campus tends to be more serious due to them living alone and being able to programme how the daily activities is going to proceed… Also off campus gives you more social enlightenment.

  3. Well having stayed in both I’d say you should trust me when I say this…off campus is actually better and much more comfortable and convenient plus you’d never hear students that stay off camp complain of things such as bed bugs and the like.Be careful however when choosing a private hostel if you don’t want your quest for comfort to turn into a nightmare.I say this because out there, there are a lot of scammers that pretend to offer the comfort you seek only to show their true colours after you’ve paid (I’m speaking from experience).school hostel on the other is quite affordable, lively,busy and noisy.there’s a whole bunch of stuff to make your stay almost unbearable such as BEDBUGS,lack of privacy,there’s not always water,overcrowding, dirty bathrooms and toilets,just to mention but a few.on the bright side,there’s light regularly and you get to make friends from different departments and its fun plus food and water is within reach,and you’re closer to your department.so at the end of the day,the choice is yours.I picked school hostel because I had ugly experiences at the private hostel I used to be in and I love making new friends.so my advice for you if you’ll eventually pick staying off camp is that you choose wisely and don’t let anybody influence you in your decision making. Cheers.

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