So I realized that I’ve gotten so professional about my writings here that it somewhat doesn’t feel personal anymore.

I created this blog to enrich the mindset and I will do just that, however Informal or formal.

Now let’s dive in.


Whether you’re a 9-5’er, an entrepreneur, freelancer or a student, there’s got to be something that keeps you going.

The drive that keeps you doing what you do.

As a student, it might be family pressure, the want for better grades, application for a scholarship or you’re self-funding and have got younger ones looking up to to.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it could be the dream/vision/goal, could be for financial freedom or it could be to shut the mouths of those that insulted you when you got fired at your job.

Or you happen to be a freelancer, it could be for financial stability, or the quest to be the best at your game.

As a 9-5’er it could be the trust your boss has in you, or a promotion etc.

All of these (and more) are things that motivates you to keep on doing what you do.

What is that thing, that thought, that keeps you going despite all odds?

You should know your drive. It keeps you on track and reminds you of the journey should you stumble. It also gives you a more defined vision.

Take a minute to think about what your drive is right now.

Don’t worry……….I’ll wait………………..

Without a drive, you’re likely to experience a burnout which  www.helpguide.orgdefines as “a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.”

Your drive keeps you going. There’s gotta be that thing……that thing that makes your heart giddy when you think of it. That thing that fuels you to do even more.

For some of us, it is the goal to make people’s life better. (Some of us is me by the way.)

No matter what I may go through, I know what my drive is. So even if I experience a terrible day, one that makes me want to quit, I’d remind myself of the reason I’m doing whatever I’m doing in the first place.

If my drive is “solid” enough, it is able to snap me out whatever negative emotion I was feeling.

Yes, that’s how powerful YOUR DRIVE can be.

So I ask again,




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