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I woke up to the wails of my neighbors wife. I keep wondering when this would end. Mr John believes hitting his wife is a chivalrous way of taming her. Before the sun sets, they would probably end up in the bar downtown hanging off each others arms. The whole town knows it is just an illusion.

One word…….VIOLENCE

At school today, Debbie got an iPhone as a Valentine gift from a guy who isn’t her boyfriend. Daniel (her boyfriend), confronted her, smashed it into pieces. Took his girl by the hand and dragged her away from the lecture room.

One word…….VIOLENCE

Trending on the internet some weeks ago was a lady, furiously walking up to her husband at the bus station and slapping him repeatedly while raising her voice. The man was relatively calm even as she continued the abuse.

One word…….. VIOLENCE

Two five-year-old girls fought over a pencil at school. Girl A breaks it then dumps the remains into the bin while Girl B, who happens to be the original owner, cries.

VIOLENCE at it’s inception.

Violence is an action which causes DESTRUCTION, PAIN or SUFFERING.

Sometimes violence in relationships comes hand in hand with emotional blackmail. Unfortunately, most people aren’t emotionally intelligent to discern this.
You can’t be working hard to procure a bright future and still be keeping up with emotional and physical abuse. No! You deserve better.

Know this now, violence isn’t always physical. Some people can be emotionally violent. And that itself is physical violence at its inception.

Don’t subject yourself to any kind of violence.

Ladies and gentlemen, before you go ahead with that relationship, find out these things about your prospective partner.

• How he/she handles stress.

• If they are manipulative.

• Doesn’t own up to their wrongs.

• Loves the blaming game.

• Whether they are emotionally intelligent.

• Their views on domestic violence.

• If he/she is quick to anger.

• If he/she loves to throw tantrums.

The answers you find will define your relationship.

Guys aren’t exempted in this also. We’ve heard of different stories where ladies stab their boyfriend/husband all because they were angry. Before you get serious with any girl,make sure you confirm the aforementioned things also.

To the married couples who find themselves in abusive relationships, for the sake of your life and that of your children, walk out of that marriage. Don’t put up with a man that constantly beat you up. It is mentally deranging and could affect you physically and psychologically.
Truth be told, that is not a safe environment to raise children. I know you might be of the opinion that you don’t want to raise your child in a broken home. But let me tell you this, it is better to raise your child as a single parent than in an abusive home.
Children are known to pick up traits that they are surrounded with. Remember, the hate you give little infants f**ks everyone.

Whatever reason is keeping you in that abusive relationship is not worth more than your life. I want you to begin to take yourself more seriously. Will you do that?

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