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Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten; never let it disappear … JOHN LENNON

A lot of people have their different beliefs about love; some believe in love, some do not; nevertheless, the fact remains that a life without love is meaningless. There are different kinds of love; we know that and we will be citing on relationship kind of love; I mean Love, like LOVE *winks*.

There are times when new feel completely dejected, lost, sad, angry, heartbroken; when we cry our eyes out, when our hearts ponders in pains and agony, with no thanks to our spouse/ lover. I’m sure you understand what we talking about here, we simply talking about HEART BREAKS, a circumstance when we feel cheated.

We won’t be talking about love and its definitions, faith in love and such; but rather we will interact with one another on certain situations where we have to ask the rhetorical question BUT WHY? In a relationship, we understand the basic reasons for questions like this is as a result of being cheated, when our trust seems betrayed; when it seems “our flame in his/her heart is long gone out

BUT WHY??? I LOVED YOU SO DEARLY, GAVE YOU MY HEART, WAS COMPLETELY YOURS, I FOUGHT EVERY TEMPTATIONS THAT CAME MY WAY, I NEGLECTED MYSELF, LIVED FOR YOU, WAS READY TO DIE FOR YOU; AND YOU HAPPEN TO TREAT ME THIS WAY, CHEATED ON ME? WHY? WAS I NOT ENOUGH? HAVEN’T I TREATED YOU WITH LOVE? DO I DESERVE THIS? WAS LOVING YOU A CRIME? … When questions like these (and many more) falls from our lips, or occupy out thoughts we know the amount of intense agony we are in (either male or female), we keep asking ourselves WHAT WENT WRONG…BUT WHY?

Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, Pain of love lasts a lifetime …Bette Davis

Like I stated earlier, I’m not going to lecture on handling heartbreaks, as we all have our various ways of doing that; rather I’d love we interacted with one another to the questions I’m going to postulate. We know it’s so wrong to cheat in relationships and marriages, but what if your partner did it FOR YOU? WHAT WILL YOU DO? What if it came with an undesirable consequence; will you accept and still love him/her? ‘And these is what we will interact on today’.

I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am with you… Roy Croft

I’m going to formulate a situation with its questions; one for the ladies, the other for the gents. So here is the situation…

“Let’s say you were very sick, at the point of death, everyone of your friends and family have spent all they had, pooled all resources to see you back on your feet, hale and hearty again, all to no avail. The doctor said there’s this surgery needed to be performed to make you well again, but the price stated was ridiculously high. There seems to be no more hope as there was not a penny left, nowhere to borrow from, enormous debts have been accumulated all for your sake and this was the final surgery to see you live again, but no resource to fund it.

While wallowing in confusion, fear and tears, your partner was approached by someone who offered to help foot your bills, but under one condition your partner must have a sexual intercourse with the person”…

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2 thoughts on “WHAT WILL YOU DO???

  1. Tomy, this is a million-doller question. If left with no option, I will grodgingly allow, but not without a condition, he would forgo his money after the intercourse.

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