You’d ask the above question especially if you’re physically fit. But I’m about to give you reasons why you should workout on a regular.

It keeps you in shape

Stimulates the brain.

I remember when I was consistent in it. I always had fresh ideas, I myself knew my brain was working better than it normally would.

Takes your mind off disturbing thoughts

Working out is a way to channel your energy into positive things.

Keeps sickness at bay

An avenue to meet new people and network.

Just so you know, fine boys/babes come to the gym, wouldn’t you love to shoot your shot? Lol. Also, you can meet that prospective business partner/investor at the gym.

In the long run, you’d get your revenge body.

You’ll loose or add weight. Decision is left for you to make on which

It gives you more insight on how your body works

The advantages of workouts go a long way but I will have to stop here.

Now as a beginner, you don’t necessarily have to use the gym especially if you can’t afford it. You could do any of the exercises listed below

Skipping: You can get a skipping rope and begin with like 20 skips depending on your strength. You’d then go higher subsequently. 50, 100/ 200.

Jogging: Begin to jog round your compound if you’re like me that is too shy to jog on the streets of Lagos. Lol!

Sit-Ups: Do sit-ups or other subtle stretch exercises. Remember, you’re a beginner so don’t do too much. Give yourself time to get your body accustomed to the new routines. Sit-ups helps you get a tighter abs and flat tummy. You can have someone hold your feet while doing it to be sure you are doing it the right way.

But get prepared to not be able to laugh as hard as you used to cos your abs will hurt as a result of the exercise but don’t worry it’ll wear off in a few days as soon as your body gets used to it.

Squat: Don’t forget to squat too, and ensure you do it the right way. If you squat and you don’t feel the tiniest of pain, then you my dear have been doing it the wrong way. Here’s a picture on how to do it right. Girls remember, no pain no gain.

Why should I squat? Especially if I’ve got a big butt.

You’d ask yourself this but know this, apart from growing a big ass, squats helps the human body in various forms.

Things to do before exercising

I always advise people not to eat before work out. Why you may ask…

It makes you feel heavy.

Could cause stomach unsettling.

You won’t work out like you’re supposed to especially if the food didn’t get to digest.

It’s best to workout on an empty stomach with a bottle of water by your side.

Don’t wear tight fitting clothes as it would hinder your movements. Jeans is a no no. Try leggings, boxer shorts, biker shorts,jerseys,tank tops, joggers etc

If you’re new in the gym let the gym instructor put you through all equipment that will be best for you. Don’t be too shy to ask how each one works. Trust me you don’t want to fall off a treadmill in a room full of hot and sweaty human male or female species.

Also, as a beginner, there are some gym equipments you shouldn’t try to use, because the effects will be of more harm than good. Don’t worry when you get to that level you will do it. I for one, can’t lift a 10kg now, I’m still on a 5kg and when I get stronger, then I’d try a 10kg.

If you can, I’d advice you get a bicycle. Honestly I didn’t know how good it was to the health until I started doing more of it at the gym.

So, if you can’t afford frequent visits to the gym, get a bicycle and ride it atleast 3 times a week depending on how far you can reach. DON’T and I repeat, DON’T ride it on the highway. Lagos drivers are not all that mentally stable. Don’t go far out of your street or estate. Results can still be achieved either way.

For those of us that want to look more buff , talk about the muscles and all. Them The Rock wannabe, there are local lifts hanging around mechanic workshops, beg them to dash you or pay for it. It is almost the same as the ones in the gym. Sebi, it’s sha to be lifting something. hehehe

Now I want to beg you, in as much as working out is if good to the body, make sure to have someone guide you. I’ve seen painful videos on how people hurt themselves badly all in the name of work out. Don’t do the wrong exercises, be careful when lifting and always track your progress so you can know when to advance to the next stage.

Eat right. I’ll elaborate on this in a later post.

Lastly, you’ve got to love your body first, before you can instill any change. Bear in mind that the result may not be what you desperately want, but it’ll be what you’ve worked hard for. Either way, know that you’re still beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I know how hard it is to stay consistent In working out but i also know how easy it is to make a decision and drive towards it against all odds.

In work out, consistency is key. You’ve got to be ready for it. Soon you wouldn’t even see it as a thing anymore cause it’ll have already been part of your daily routine.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is where I rest my case.

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Jwizzy · January 20, 2019 at 11:45 PM

This is so helpful. Thanks for this post. Really needed and great write up.

    Tomi · January 22, 2019 at 1:38 PM

    You’re super welcome

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